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For the love of Isshi

The Isshi Community
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This community is dedicated to Isshi, vocalist of Kagrra,. You're welcome to discuss, share, ogle over, debate (etc) anything related to this man and your love for him.

There are really only two rules here:
1. Use common sense
2. Use good taste

Simple right? Well, if you're a Kagrra fan, I think these qualities should already come naturally to you. If not... eh... we'll work on it together. :P

Please share your files, pictures, fanvideos, fanfiction, fanart, cosplay, personal shrines, funny thoughts, your pet hamster named Isshi... WHATEVER. We will not judge you here. <3 This is a place to get it all out.

There are other communities that may better serve to keep you informed with news and facts... but this is just a place to have fun and share the love of Isshi!


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urei The best place for Kagrra, scans! Hundreds of beautiful pictures!
kagrra_graphics Great place for icons, wallpapers and other fun goodies.
kagrra_media Where all the Kagrra file sharing happens. But please remember to buy official music and merchandise as well!!

http://demonpassion.yolasite.com/ <== Excellent Isshi fansite filled with info, translations and more!
http://kagrraclub.deviantart.com <== Deviant Art community for Kagrra,!
http://www.jhouserock.com <== I'm obligated to promote my place of employment.
http://www.closetchild-cd.jp <== This is a great place to buy used, official Jrock for good prices!