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Happy 鬼志の日♥ ♥ ♥
sekiryu wrote in isshi_love
Hello~  just popped in to say : Happy 鬼志の日♥ ♥ ♥

Err...yeah, it 02.14, so Happy Onisshi Day (^ - ^)♥ ♥ ♥


edit : Finally managed to upload my wallpapers up to mediafire. For rar files here :

In case you can't open rar files, zip files here :


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it's not the 14th here yet. over 3 hours to go. but Happy Onisshi Day a bit early! (^v^)/```

i surely do miss Isshi's dorkiness.

Ah~ cuz it's already the 14th here ^^

But an early greeting doesn't hurt anyone, ne? ^^

Happy Onisshi Day to you too ^^

sorry, didn't mean for it to sound weird. my brain is sorta on autopilot atm. XD i realized that it is only early for me [and folks on this side of the atlantic etc] after i posted. lol. and it is true that early greetings never hurt at all and are most welcome. ^ ^

so, thanks! :D

Ahaha~ no, no, it doesn't sound weird at all, I wasn't offended at all.

I'm sorry if I sounded offended m(_ _)m

I'm just a tad bit over excited with the Onisshi Day ^^"

good. ^ ^

nah, you didn't. i'm always worried that i'll say something idiotic. XP especially in communities where my idiosyncrasies may not be well known. i didn't find the Kagrra, communities until a couple of years ago and i haven't been as active in them as i wish i'd been. i know i missed out on a lot of things. who would have ever guessed things would turn out as they did?

i'm really happy to see posts like this that show that Isshi and Kagrra, are still warm in people's hearts. and now that it is after midnight here in southeast US, i can again wish a very Happy Onisshi Day! :) i think i will go read some of nejimakipiyo's translations while listening to the dear Oni sing until i can fall asleep. (^-^)

ah, i just realized as i was writing this comment that i didn't see that wallpaper link. stopped to dl and must say i love them. will use one now. thanks so much.<3

Yay~ I must plead guilty of the same thing >.>

Though I've been a long-time fan of Kagrra,, I haven't been in any Kagrra, communities till a few years ago, nor have I been active in those comms =____=

BUT! that doesn't mean I love Kagrra, any less... so Yay! to the 14th in your side of the world...mine's already halfway through T^T

HAPPY ONISSHI DAYYYY!!! *pop party poppers*

I forgot to say thank you for the beautiful wallpapers!!!

Oh, you're welcomed ^^

I'm glad you like them ^^

Ohhh! Thank you so much for these beautiful wallpapers!!! *O*

And Happy belated ONI-ISSHI DAY!!! <3

You're welcomed ^^

Glad you like them ^^

Ah I'm late!

But yay!! Thank you for sharing this here too! I love it!! <333 Happy Onisshi day to you too!!

Thanks ^^

It's always good to share the isshi-love ^^

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