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Kagrra no Su episodes 62 and 68
Demon Passion
vkeiri wrote in isshi_love
Hello everyone!

I had a couple upload requests I thought I would just share here:

Kagrra no Su - Episode 62
[part 1][part 2]

Kagrra no Su - Episode 68
[part 1][part 2]

Also, I know parts for the Akiya and Shin Auga DVDs are not working. I've been trying to fix them all day but Mediafire is giving me trouble just trying to re-upload them. Please give me a little more time to fix the links.


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HWAAAAAAAA!!!!! Thank you very much Kailey-chaan!!! >w< <3<3

waaa *-* doumo arigatou !!!! *-* you made my day ! I am so HAPPI now ! ^____^ <3

Thanks a lot for sharing! ^^

O(-人-)O アリガタヤ・・
I was missing these episodes!
I am truly happy.

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